Expand Your Reach to Cloud & Internet

Data Center Interconnect

Connecting your business across data centers

Lightstorm enables you to


Reach new


Scale your


Break network barriers
become digital-ready

Interconnection over Lightstorm platform is simple and seamless

We enable open & neutral access across major data centers in the country. Our Data Center Interconnect solution offers dedicated connections ranging from 10Gbps to multiple 100Gbps over xScale Network, built ground-up with no legacy.
Business is increasingly relying on hosted infrastructure and the cloud. As your connectivity requirements grow, you want your network to be as elastic as the digital world it serves. With Lightstorm platform you can avail the best latency connecting major cities across South Asia and South East Asia, and access smooth on-demand services.

Cloud Connect

The superior way to reach the cloud

Lightstorm platform makes it easy for you to build a hybrid cloud solution.

We provide secure, direct connections to leading public cloud providers.
Securely transfer your mission-critical data over a unique carrier-neutral network.
Improve your end-user application performance by a network assuring the best guarantees in the industry.
Make your network infrastructure as flexible as the cloud by consuming resources on the go.
Lightstorm delivers on-ramps to leading public cloud providers via secure, high-performance connections. Our Cloud Connect service provides dedicated and secure connections upto 10Gbps. Using our network, your connections to the cloud will deliver the uptime, security and performance required to meet your most urgent business demands and SLAs.

IX Peering

Making the internet faster, cheaper, and resilient

Access Internet Exchanges without the need to deploy physical infrastructure at the IX

Many cloud services providers or content providers often have the daunting task of lowering network costs, reducing latency, keeping traffic local and ensuring their network is reliable. Peering on an Internet Exchange helps network managers and providers meet these needs.
With Lightstorm platform, you can enjoy interconnection to major Internet Exchanges across the region. Our IX Peering offers dedicated and secure connection, and allows you to deliver and access content efficiently using our low latency network.


Monitor your network with transparency, automation & focussed on customer-centricity.

Lightstorm is a pioneer of digital and premium NOC services. With the Lightstorm NoC-as-a-Service, you can monitor your network from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centers in geographically diverse locations in Mumbai (DC) & Noida (DR).

Lightstorm NoC-as-a-Service provides:
Multi-Domain Multi-Technology Network Monitoring (TX & IP, NLD NW, and Metro NW)
Realtime Latency Measurement – L1 Service (First in the Industry)
Realtime Flaps Measurement – L1 Service (First in the Industry)
Proactive Incident Management (Auto TT, Auto RCA/SIA)
State of the Art Central NOC

Tailor-made Networking Platform

One-stop-solution for networking requirements

Networking platform designed to your specifications


Managed IP network


Custom-made low latency design


Managed Services


100% compliance to local regulations

Available via the cloud, on-premise, or as a blended combination of both, Lightstorm platform connects a variety of companies and end users securely and reliably to applications in the cloud or data centers in the region. Experience superior performance, reliability, and resiliency with our expert assistance.

Whistleblower Policy

The Whistleblower can make a Protected Disclosure by emailing his/ her concerns at - ethics@lightstormtelecom.com. The reporting channel will be managed by the Compliance Officer and will be over seen by the Audit Committee or the Nominated Director, as applicable.

The Whistleblower may choose to make a Protected Disclosure anonymously or by sharing his/her identity. Protected Disclosure should be written to provide clear understanding of the issues raised and should either be typed or written in a legible handwriting in English or Hindi or any vernacular language. All Protected Disclosure concerning financial or accounting matters or those concerning the Compliance Officer or HOD and above shall be addressed directly to the Audit Committee or the Nominated Director, as applicable. Protected Disclosures should be factual and should contain as much specific information as possible to allow proper assessment of the Protected Disclosure.

The allegation should be supported by specific/minimum information as below:

i. Location of incident

ii. Timing of incident

iii. Personnel involved

iv. Specific evidence or source of evidence

v. Detailed description of the incident

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