Transforming networking for a
digital world

Why are we different

We took everything about networking infrastructure from fiber, network & architecture and completely re-engineered it to serve a world powered by Cloud and digital experience - one that requires 100% uptime, shortest latency and control in the hands of the customer.


Lightstorm Next Gen Network Design

  • ~ 90% of long-haul fiber routes on OPGW/utility infrastructure
  • Zero flaps because of OPGW/utility infrastructure
  • Spine-leaf architecture in metro targeting multi-tenant DC
  • Point-to-point linear long-haul/metro express network architecture
  • Better latency as no add-drop sites in between source/destination
  • All long-haul/metro PoP are located within Tier-3/4 DC with high availability design
  • Single hardware across metro/long-haul network providing ease of operation
  • Network is software-defined by foundation

Traditional Network Design

  • ~ 90% of long-haul fiber routes are underground fiber
  • Prone to frequent flaps & fiber cuts
  • Non-linear ring-based architecture with multiple add-drop locations
  • Multiple add-drop locations lead to high latency between source/destination
  • Designed for wireless/B2C market segment using traditional ring-based architecture
  • PoPs in telco's site leading to reliability/availability issues
  • Multiple vendors and legacy hardware leading to operational complexity
  • Legacy network with no programmability

Understanding SmartNet Advantage

Our best-in-class SmartNet network leverages utility-grade infrastructure to avoid outages and zero flaps. Our unique network architecture provides better latency than conventional architecture and guarantees 100% uptime. Time to move to Lightstorm’s SmartNet – because your customers deserve nothing but the best.

SmartNet Long-Haul Routes

Our Footprint

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Metro maps in detail


The best network latency

By virtue of our design

Values provided here are network round-trip-delay (RTD) measured on Lightstorm’s layer-1 optical network for 100Gbps services and includes delays introduced by equipment along the path on Lightstorm network.

Location RTD (ms)