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As cloud adoption continues to grow and enterprise infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, we believe in the power of co-creating with domain experts to offer innovative and differentiated solutions to enterprises.

Partnership Opportunities

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Data Center Provider

Datacenter providers form an integral part of the digital infrastructure in the end-to-end networking for enterprises. It is evident that modern DC providers need open access to a carrier-neutral infrastructure platform to complement their core hosting solutions.

Lightstorm’s Smartnet platform provides you instant access to an xScale platform that connects all major economic hubs across the region.


Managed Service Provider

Helping enterprises stay ahead of their competition by managing their IT infrastructure and improving operational efficiency, MSPs need instant access to a carrier-neutral infrastructure platform connecting Data Centers, Cloud, and Internet Exchanges.

Our Smartnet platform provides you the peace of mind by offering the best SLA in the industry securely and transparently.


Market Specialists

Being agents in specific markets or geographies with local expertise, we can help you maximize your business goals by providing access to xScale Network, built especially for the Cloud - one that meets the digital world’s requirements.

Why partner with us

Carrier-neutral platform

We enable our partners by providing access to a unique carrier-neutral network platform that is engineered with the needs of the cloud in mind.


Co-creating value

We believe in the power of co-creating winning solutions by combining our expertise with our partners.


We enable partners by fulfilling their networking requirements and offering tailor-made network designs by utilizing our range of licenses, as well as ensuring compliance with local regulation.


Commercial success

We follow attractive business models to compensate our partners, while delivering jointly built solutions to enterprises

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The allegation should be supported by specific/minimum information as below:

i. Location of incident

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iv. Specific evidence or source of evidence

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