The Core Team of Lightstorm – Amajit Gupta (CEO), Rajiv Nayyar (COO) & Ranjan Banerjee (Chief Strategy and Growth Officer) share an insight into what the future of digital infrastructure looks like!

With a mission to shape the infrastructure of the future in South Asia and South East Asia, Lightstorm believes the key is to build infrastructure that is globally scalable. With a billion people in the region and only half of them connected to the internet, these leaders want to help create an ecosystem for the millions that are waiting to join the network. Their goal is to ensure access to on-demand, affordable, high-quality digital infrastructure in the region, similar to what the western market is accustomed to.

Furthermore, they also talk about bridging the digital divide – a critical need in emerging markets such as India, Vietnam, Myanmar, and more. Cloud, content and connectivity need to come together to benefit students, businesspeople and the citizens of the region, they say.

Watch this interview to hear them talk about the tremendous opportunities that digital infrastructure can bring to the region.