Senior Executive – Service Delivery

Mumbai/ Noida
Full Time

Reporting to: Senior Lead – Service Operations
Team Size: Individual Contributor

About the Company

Lightstorm is a network infrastructure platform set up by I-Squared Capital, a global infrastructure- focused private equity fund. The mission of Lightstorm is to create a digital native and market leading network platform-based business, built on asset acquisitions roll up and business transformation strategy.

Our network infrastructure platform is built to solve the hyperscale demands and quality network infrastructure issue in emerging markets. We are the winner of the 12th Aegis Graham Bell Awards in the category of Digital Transformation for Telecom. A few things that set us apart:

  • Trusted by hyperscalers and several Fortune 500 companies for high-quality resilient network.
  • Network platform built ground-up using next-generation technology with no legacy to hold us back.
  • Superior utility-grade fiber network ensures 100% uptime, flap and latency guarantees, allowing businesses to deliver a superior end-user experience.
  • Powered by software-defined architecture, our on-demand platform allows businesses to quickly connect, scale and dynamically manage their network.
  • Led by industry leaders from diverse technology backgrounds, Lightstorm has adopted an innovator mindset to solve the pain points of traditional networking.

About Lightstorm Network Operations Center ‘NOC’

  • State-of-the-art Network Operations from two locations DC-Mumbai and DR-Noida
  • Both the NOC operate in active-active mode as DC-DR
  • Deployed and operating Cloud-hosted OSS- BSS systems
  • In-house competence for Network & Service migration with experts coming from india and Global Telecom Operations team
  • Operational experience in managing own facilities and competence in NaaS and SaaS
  • Single source of truth for LTC internal and external teams.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Service Delivery
    • Understand HLD, LLD and SE documents and provision the service as per the documentation
    • Monitoring the service and Network to observe anomalies and address them through
      • Coordinating with Ciena for any configuration changes
      • Coordination with Field team for H/W related issues
    • Coordinate with Field teams to connect Testers and complete Testing
      • Should be able to guide Field team on Tester configurations
      • Taking remote desktop of Testers and monitor the issues and generate reports
      • Guide Field Team for interdomain patching, and I&C of the traffic cards along with associated cabling
    • Prepare and fill the templates for E2E network verification for the given service
      • Span loss margins, FEC errors, HFL, ORL issues etc.,
      • Fiber routes and SRLG details
      • Repeat fault identification and propose the remedies
      • Do corrections from Service Design team on the network and confirm back
  2. Traffic cards installation and Channel provisioning
    • Verification the feasibility
      • Slots availability
      • Channel number
    • Preparation of As Build Diagram
    • Preparation & configuration of DTL in conjunction with SRLG data
    • Performing link stability testing with help of field team
    • Declaring RFS for the Links & Traffic cards
  3. Configuration and Validations
    • Configuration of the Channels and DTL on MCP
    • Configuration of Service as per SED prepared in Step-1
    • Validation of Network (E2E) to identify potential threats
    • Highlight and escalate to respective teams, follow-up for closure
    • Highlight risks (High / Medium / Low) for signing off by respective stake holders
    • Independently investigate the critical service issues
    • Preparation of RFOs & RCAs
    • Preparing and running scripts for corelation of alarm logs and finding incidents triggering the service issues
  4. OSS and WFM integration
    • Validate the automation flows developed by the partners
    • Test and report anomalies
    • Suggest the changes in the flow to fit to Network APIs
  5. Training and KT
    • Train the NOC-Ops and Field teams on the products
    • KT sessions on the issues and resolutions received from Ciena global experiences
    • Conducting Work shop for defining / improving Best practices

Skills requirement

  1. Minimum years of relevant experience : 3 years
  2. Subject Matter Expert in Ciena Products
    • Should be capable of Auditing the Network and propose changes
    • Should be capable of configuration for I&C of traffic cards and provisioning services
    • Should be able to independently login, verify and identify the issues and propose corrections
    • Complete Knowledge in Ciena product range, S/W releases, bugs and work arounds
  3. Good working knowledge in DCN, IP-MPLS and TCP-IP protocol
  4. Good Communication skills
    • Persuasion skills in interacting with NOC, Ciena Support & LTC internal stake holders
    • Presentation skills to generate reports for Leadership team

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